Custom Manufacturing

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Service

Waterjet cutting provides a unique cutting platform that will cut virtually any material that gets in the cutting path. Here at CBX Corporation, we have cut everything from .01" thick plastic film to 8" thick slabs of stainless steel. Our waterjet operators are uniquely skilled at finding the specific cutting parameters needed for your application.  The versatility of these machines is a great fit for our workload at CBX.  With only minor changes to machine settings, we can go from precise cutting of parts to shape, to rough cutting machine blanks, to speed cutting weld edges on fabricated components.   The nature of cutting with water also allows very tight nesting of parts on raw materials.  With very little kerf, and no heat-affected zone, we can keep material costs way down.  This is a great benefit for any material, but it is especially beneficial for super-alloy and exotic plate materials.  

Waterjet assisted machining?

waterjet assisted machining

What is waterjet assisted machining?  This is the process of using our waterjet to cut slightly oversized parts that will be finish-machined.  For oddly shaped parts that require tight tolerances or machined finishes, this process can save you money.  If you have machining to do, consider having CBX waterjet cut your blanks for you.  You will save machine time, tooling, and money.  Material costs will decrease as we can nest the blanks together.  Your machine time will drop and tool life will increase as you will only need finish passes to get your parts to size.  Scrap value increases as you are making fewer chips and excess material is in solid form.  We can fabricate custom fixturing to waterjet pre-cut blanks at high volumes.  A large amount of our cutting consists of rough cutting blanks for machining.  This process typically involves cutting outside profiles to shape, but with .03" of extra material per side.  Holes or internal profiles are cut the same way, leaving just enough material for a finish pass in a machining center.  This process drastically reduces machining times while still providing the tight tolerances and finishes typical of fully machined pieces.  While this type of roughing is a large percentage of our cutting, we can also cut tighter tolerance pieces and structural components to size.