Custom Manufacturing


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Production machining

In-house CNC machining provides another great service to our customers.  Having our own shop in-house allows customers to source several of their needs with one vendor.  High volume production machining is a specialty of ours.  Our machinists can design and build tooling and fixturing to maximize efficiency in the production of your parts. 

We constantly invest in new equipment and technology to quickly make your parts to your specifications and save you money.  We work closely with several cutting tool manufacturers so we have instant input on the best cutting tools available for your specific job.  We also have multiple forms of in-house deburring and finishing equipment to get your parts ready for plating or direct delivery.  

waterjet blanks

Waterjet assisted machining

Having our own machine shop also allows us to combine the speed and versatility of the waterjet with the precision of CNC machining centers. Our experienced workers can use the waterjets to quickly cut profiles and rough-in holes, allowing our machinists to quickly finish the parts to exacting tolerances without wasting time, tooling, or material. Our machinists are also able to specialize in high volume, multiple part fixtures, allowing the machines to cut several parts at once, and freeing the operator to perform secondary operations. This efficiency keeps costs down and minimizes lead times for high volume work.   

CBX uses the latest technology to go from a customer's drawing or model to finished parts. We can work with anything from advanced 3D models to your brainstorm session's napkin sketches.

From a customer's drawings

cam2bushing cam

To machined assembly tools

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